Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?

November 14, 2023

Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?

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Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog? | Check Here for Best WordPress Themes

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Top 7 WordPress Themes for Starting a Blog  In 2023

WordPress themes are not only about how they look. It’s not just about how they look. There are many other factors, such as how it works, how simple it is to use, and SEO. These are the top seven options. Let’s read on to learn more about the Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?

Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?

Choosing a theme is likely the hardest part of getting a WordPress blog up and running. You could spend hours looking for one that looks great in the demo, only to find that once you install it, there are too many confusing configuration settings to make it look that good.

WordPress themes offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They offer ease-of-use, performance, SEO optimization, and simplicity. Badly designed themes can ruin a blog. Be sure to look at all options and choose carefully.

Free themes can be dangerous for your SEO. The following themes are available only to purchase. It is worth the investment to get a professionally designed theme.

How To Decide Which WordPress Theme To Use

These are the top things to look at when choosing a WordPress theme that will work for your blog.

A Good Layout

As per the article The Top 7 WordPress themes for starting a blog, layout, fonts, images, and colors should all be easy to read. The fonts should remain the same in each section. The color scheme should draw attention to the writing, rather than taking away from it.


The size of your scripting files can have a significant impact on the site’s performance. It is possible to have scripts that load slow and PHP code that is poorly written.

SEO Optimization:

Your SEO can be affected by many factors, including how simple your theme is to use, how it works and how structured it is in HTML.

This article will rank the top WordPress themes based upon how they perform in these litmus tests.


After searching for years for the best WordPress theme, I was unable to find one that I liked.

Soledad comes with 20 sample content files that you can use to create an example site. These files include all layouts and samples pictures, which you can then modify later with your own content. All demos are available in the theme configuration.

There are more than 300 layouts available with different configuration options. This is best for larger blogs that have lots of content. Personal blogs with more content need to use fewer templates.

Jevelin Themes

Based on this article The Top7 WordPress Themes for Starting Blog, Jevelin is a modern WordPress theme that will help you get beyond the limitations of the default sidebar-based blog. The majority of themes offer a list of recent posts that you can scroll through with a slider showing the featured posts.

Javelin offers templates for personal pages, sales pages and corporate pages. Although blogs can be set up in many ways, most blog pages use a list or posts that you can scroll through on one page.

Your blog looks professional and would make anyone who visits it think it is a professional site.

Gillion’s WordPress Theme

Gillion is the best option if you are looking for a WordPress theme that is easy to set up. Gillion, based on WP Bakery gives you access more than 50 modular elements you can add to any page of your website.

It has about 15 templates that you can download and install in one klick. These demo pages are designed for blogs and include a mix of sidebar-based front pages and scrolling image boxes.

It features a shopping cart, gorgeous social widgets, as well as the ability to modify your site’s appearance without having to know how to code.

Newspaper Blog

If you are looking to create a blog that will be updated often and include lots of interesting content. newspaper is the best option.

This theme is very popular on WordPress. This theme is used by many large sites because it looks professional and offers great features.

It comes with over 80 demos and smart ads. The theme is built on tagDiv Composer which allows you to create your own home page without having to know how code.

According to this article Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?, there are 100 elements in this tool. SEO is well taken care of with over 800 premade templates for every page (such as search and 404).


The majority of MagPlus theme demos can be used in magazine format, but there are many personal themes that you can choose from. Downloading one of the 40 demos will save you time.

The custom cache system will help speed up your website. It claims that it is SEO optimized and comes with more than 160 “elements” and “modules” that can be used to make your site unique.

You will have access to the best features in the theme industry when you use this theme. The theme comes with a professional slider and different headers and feeters. You can also customize the tools without having to know how code.

A professional typography service is also a crucial component. It will help you use the most consistent fonts across your website.


If you are looking for a unique blog theme, Flow is the right choice. This theme can be used to make your blog look similar to Pinterest. The main panel displays articles with a large image, title and short description. Finally, there’s a button that says “Read more.”

This format used the full screen. You can used still old theme. The new style features a sidebar to the left and right. This allows you to add more organization and personal information.

Cheer Up

CheerUp is the most popular personal blog. The theme will make you feel like they already know you from the first time they visit. The design features a variety of fonts and an individual feel.

CheerUp is simple to use even for those who have never blogged before. It looks great on mobile devices and works well. There are 13 options to choose from when designing a blog layout to suit your taste. Grids and sliders can be used to modify the layout of your blog.

The back end design is strong and compatible with many modern browsers. This allows you to use the theme for many years.

Conclusion – Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?

This theme looks great on personal blogs or magazines. You can install the demos in one klick. You can also make changes easily.

Because Flow is responsive, people can access your website from their smartphones. This concludes our article on The Which are the best WordPress Themes For Starting Blog?


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