How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024?

February 2, 2024

How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024?

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How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024? |  Find Here for Best Tips for Google AdSense Approval

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How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024?

Bloggers long for a website that features ads. AdSense was very strict and required that they follow all rules.

How can my blog be approved for AdSense

Sites need to show Google ads because they show the user’s importance. So, it seems hard for the new blog to get AdSense approval. So let us read more and understand about the How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024.

After creating my first blog, I added some content and applied for a Google AdSense account. My application was rejected and I received the following message: Site doesn’t meet Google’s guidelines.

They gave me suggestions on how to improve my Site for users and comply with AdSense requirements.

Google AdSense allows new blogs to be approved by the company. You must adhere to these basic rules when you start a blog. Before you sign up for AdSense, ensure that your blog meets Google requirements. Blogs can use AdSense if they comply with the rules.

These are some requirements that can help you improve user experience on your website.

Create high-quality content

As we mentioned in the How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024 article Content is King. This is an essential requirement. Good content is a blog with great content. Your content should be original, well-designed and clearly stated.

It is not enough to just copy and paste content. Google won’t allow blogs to use AdSense if they paste content from another source.

Enough Contents and Posts:

As you can see in the How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024 article, your new blog should contain at least 18-30 blog entries. Google AdSense states that each web page should contain enough information.

Domains Must Be Older Than 6 months:

Google AdSense rules require that you have a blog for at minimum 6 months before applying. You must keep your domain active for six months in certain countries, such as China and India, before you can apply.

This is done to protect the interests of our publishers and advertisers and ensure that the advertising network works well. In a matter of months, some blogs were approved by AdSense. For certain geo-locations however, the domain’s average age should not exceed six months.

Create Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us pages to your blog:

Bloggers believe that a privacy policy is unnecessary. However, they are wrong. It is required by the AdSense policy. This privacy policy shows that you don’t deceive and that you are serious about your business.

Your blog’s About Us page tells readers what they can expect from your blog, and what they should or should not do. The contact us page allows people to tell you their opinions about your blog. These web pages give off the impression that your know what you are doing and you follow Google’s guidelines.

Make blog posts search engine-friendly by optimizing them with meta tags

As per the How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024 article, you can use the Meta Title or Description tags to enhance your unique blog post. Web admins can use meta tags to provide search engines with information about their websites.

It is a great way to improve SEO. Remember that your Meta Title should not exceed 69 characters and your Meta Description shouldn’t exceed 156 characters.

Effective Blog Design:

Your blog should look professional. Your blog should not look like a collection of random photos. Google values clean, professional blog design that loads quickly.

Don’t choose Copyright Images:

Copyright refers to things that are taken from the work of others without their permission. Google will not approve AdSense blogs that contain copyrighted images and content.

This article Tips to Get New Google Adsense Approval has already led me to this error. Most blogs fall because of this copyright law. This is because images aren’t available for free.

Email Address and Name:

Your name and email address should be included in a place that people can see, such as the contact or about page. This will prove to Google AdSense that you are the same person who applied for AdSense.

Must be at least 18 years old:

Sign up for an AdSense account and provide your birth date and age. AdSense is not available to anyone under 18. It would be a good idea to keep your true age.


Your site should not contain anything illegal, stolen, or hacked. AdSense does not allow porn, hacking tutorials or illegal drugs.

Visitors sources:

You should ensure that your blog is not being paid for. These types of websites are not welcome by Google and they will be penalized. The best way to get traffic is to do it yourself, rather than using search engines or other methods.

Conclusion  – How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024

These tips should help you. If you need AdSense approval, don’t feel discouraged. You can fix the problems Google AdSense has found with your blog, then apply again for AdSense. This concludes the How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024 topic.


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